Luck of the Irish 7K

Monday, March 27, 2017

Well I taped up my foot and set out to run a 7K in St. Peter, MN. It was a benefit for the John Ireland Catholic School which is cool. DJ and Brenda joined us for this race. And surprisingly my friend from the Twin Cities, Amy, was there as well. I started the race with Amy and her friend but eventually let them go and stayed with DJ and Brenda. The first mile was great but after that it sucked. We did a lot of walking and overall, even though I didn’t like my time, I had fun.

The first couple miles were ok, I didn’t feel any pain in my foot. I thought I was on the mend…but then it came back, and with a vengeance. :( I’m so incredibly depressed. I have so many goals this year and some many runs registered for and I’m not sure how much longer I can go before I call it quits and give my foot the time to heal.

I was so upset about my foot pain this morning that I seriously started crying at work. Not so much from pain, just frustration that I can’t do what I love to do. I’m afraid that if I stop running to let my foot heal, I won’t have the motivation to start back up again and I don’t want to start over, it was too hard to get where I am.

Somebody told me once that after your first marathon you will go into depression, I never thought that would happen but here I am, not running, in pain and randomly crying. I have two weeks until my next race. I’m going to do absolutely no running for the next two weeks. I’m going to try and do some swimming and biking (the sports doc suggested that). And hopefully I will be ready to go. I will keep doing my stretches and icing, and heating and popping vitamins and if I’m not better after that I might have to go back in the sports medicine doctor and get referred to PT or something. I don’t know.

Well this is a depressing race report. The race itself was fine, very small (less than 150 people) the course was flat and they had two water stops. The after race was nice too with Strawberry Banana Fruit Smoothies from Mc Donald’s!

It is weird for me to be struggle so much over not running considering 5 years I didn’t run at all and would rather not run. Pray that my foot heals and I can get back to doing what I love.

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