The Neti Pot Saved Me

Thursday, October 6, 2016

So it started on Sunday morning…sore throat and feeling spacey. Thankfully I had nothing on the agenda for Sunday so I mostly just watched TV on the couch and we went for a ride. I started to feel stuffed up Sunday night so I pulled out my trusty old Neti Pot and rinsed out my sinuses. It is a gross process but it really helps me breathe. I took some Nyquil and went to bed. I woke up feeling not so great on Monday, again I used the Neti Pot and went to work. In hindsight, I probably should have stayed home. Tuesday morning I felt like crap, the worse yet. I could breathe, thanks to the Neti pot, but my body ached and was exhausted. This time I stayed home. It was so nice to sleep in, Swirl didn’t wake me up until 9am. Again I just sat on the couch and did nothing but watch TV. I finally started to feel better by Tuesday afternoon. I truly believe the Neti Pot saved me and is the reason why my cold only lasted 3 days. 

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