Gastrocnemius Tear (aka my poor calf)

Friday, October 21, 2016

So I came off the high of a great running weekend…3 amazing races. And feeling great! I decided to do my speed work out on Tuesday at the wildlife refuge since it is a fairly straight, flat road. My work out called for 2 x 1 mile sprints at 12:15 pace with a minute rest between. Those went great. I was supposed to follow that up with 2 x half mile sprints at 6:00. Well that didn’t happen. Nope, I didn’t get hurt, just tired and I thought to myself I’m not going to get hurt trying to do something I just couldn’t do today. So I walked to cool down and went home. I was happy with my mile sprints and was feeling good.

I ate dinner and went to my 9:15pm volleyball game. I hate 9:15 games. Ugh. So I got there and felt fine with a twinge of pain in my hip but that always happens to me after speed workouts. It was in the first game, actually I think it was the first point. I jumped and pop goes my calf. I struggled through that point and had to walk off the court. I had the worse searing pain in my calf that I have ever felt before. It was incredible. I tried walking and it wasn’t happening. I thought crap, I just blew out my calf…how am I going to run in Vegas in 25 days?

Even though I felt like crying, I held it in. I was devastated. The other team gave me an ice pack and I iced it the rest of the first game but after getting up, I knew that I wasn’t going to be able to play at all. I drove home and Eric helped me up the stairs and I elevated it and iced it all night off and on. I was miserable. Damn you volleyball!

The next day, I was pissed. I went to work and elevated my leg and iced it every 2 hours. I could walk but it was painful. I was starting my long painful recovery. Eric told me absolutely no running for at least 2 weeks. That was such a blow but I could barely walk so I understand no running. I was so depressed I actually suggested we go to Pizza Ranch for dinner buffet. As I told Eric, I can’t run so I might as well gorge myself and gain 100 pounds. I’m so dramatic. LOL!

Yesterday was a little better, I continued to ice it every two hours but also wore my compression sleeve. That helped a lot with walking. I am slowly making strides to heal this dang thing. I have done so much research and I have a plan to get back to running. I looked at the Rock N Roll Las Vegas website and saw the time limit for the half marathon is 4 hours. That is little over an 18 minute mile. I might not be able to run but DAMMIT, I’m walking the half and getting my damn glow-in-the-dark medal. I paid a lot for this race and I want my bling!!

Today is much better. I’m still wearing the compression sleeve and I can barely tell my calf hurts. Occasionally when I walk, I’ll feel a tug. I’m going to listen to Eric and everybody else on the web and no run, even though it feels fine.

I’m going for a sports massage tomorrow and I might do that a couple more times before Vegas to break up any of the scar tissue while my calf heals. I’m going try and get out for a nice walk on Sunday. I think I’m ok to walk if I don’t have pain. I hope so as that is my “training” plan for the next 23 days.

So to all the various people at work who kept telling me that running isn’t good for me and I was going to hurt myself…F&(K Y0U people, running didn’t hurt me VOLLEYBALL DID!!
Can you tell I’m annoyed? :)

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