The Drive, the Expo, the Unexpected 5K and Where the F*&# is Our Room

Sunday, June 19, 2016

So Friday morning, after Eric and Phil went for some haircuts, we started our venture up to Duluth. I was told ahead of time that construction by Hinckley was terrible and we should get off interstate 35 early and take old U.S. Hwy. 61. Best advice ever! We stopped at an A&W in Pine City for lunch and a quick fill up. While eating at A&W, Phil mentioned he got an email about the 5K and was confused as he was running the marathon. When we continued the drive up to Duluth, Phil discovered he signed up for the marathon challenge and had to run the 5K at 6pm. Doh!

We got the DECC about 3pm. We got our bibs, freebees and DJ and I bought some wireless headphones. We spent some time outside by the big ship waiting for Phil’s 5K race. Finally 6pm rolls around and Phil is off for his 5K. He said it was going to be slow. But of course, typical Williams fashion, he was not.

We quickly made our way to the cars and drove up to University of Minnesota Duluth to pick up the keys to our apartment. There was a little snafu in booking hotels so I also got an apartment at UMD. I had a heck of a time finding the apartment. When I got the key it said Oakland B, Apartment 328. Well it was had written and when the girl at check in gave me the key told me 32B. It looked like a B to me too. So I was looking all over for 32B and could not find it. I’m so stupid. It was 328. ARGH! That put me in a bad mood. I was tired, hungry and we still had to go over to Superior to check the boys into their hotel room.

We ate first as I was starting to look at the time and realize I had to wake up at 4am and I need time for the food to digest. We meet Brenda, DJ’s friend, and her girlfriend Chris at a family diner. It was good food but I was really at a lost for what to eat. I went with a grilled ham and cheese. It was good and I think it was a smart choice. The pies looked delicious so I went for a lemon meringue pie. I later regretted that decision. The pie itself was DELICIOUS. And I really enjoyed it but my stomach did not. I didn’t get sick but I had a hard time falling asleep with the pie sitting in my stomach. I eventually fell asleep.

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