March 2016 Recap

Thursday, March 31, 2016

TRuns: 14
Walks: 17
Miles: 70.7
Races: 2 (Get Lucky 14K, Hot Dash 5K)
Outdoors: 28
Indoors: 3
Longest: 8.85 miles
Average Running Pace: 12:44
Bike: 6 miles
Swim: 1.9 miles

March was a good month for me. The weather was perfect! My pace wasn’t any faster than last month but my average run was a mile longer. I had 4 long runs and they were all 7 miles or longer. I had an amazing run on Good Friday. I always have amazing runs on Good Friday! I ran 8 miles in 1:37. My average pace was 12:10! Other than the Hot Dash 5K race, that was the fastest pace during the month by over 20 seconds per mile! And that was an 8 mile run! I ran the first 6 miles in under 12 minutes per mile. I had my fastest 10K on that run too. It was great. Since then, my legs have felt tired so my runs have not been great. It gives me hope that I can run fast again.

I’m looking forward to April. There are two races, Goldy’s 5K and Hot Chocolate 15K. I have to seriously start training for the triathlon. I’ve got the running down; it is the swimming and biking that I need to focus on. I only went for one bike ride but it was outside! It felt great to get off the training and head out. It was a short 6 mile ride but it was the day after the Get Lucky 14K so my legs were tired. Swimming has been ok. I had my fast 200 yard sprint in the beginning of March. I’ve missed a couple weeks for various reasons but I’ll get back at in April.

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