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Wednesday, March 9, 2016

So I stepped WAY OUTSIDE my comfort zone on Monday and joined the running group at the new local running store (River Valley Running aka RVR). I’m new this thing and was excited but also nervous. I’m a slow fat runner; would there be other slow fat runners? Are they all going to be tiny marathon looking, speed demons?

Monday was the inaugural night so there were only 8 of us there…all skinny looking fast types. Crap! Eric came with me just in case this happened. He was my comfort. He was going to be slow and fat with me. So we broke up into two groups. Fast and slow. It was agreed that we would do 4 miles. I was hoping to do 3 but whatever. The fast group consisted of 5 people and the slow group was Eric, Amber and me. The first quarter mile we stayed sort of close together. But it wasn’t long before the fast group was gone. No big deal, I still had Eric and Amber. After about a half a mile, I could no longer keep up. Eric and Amber were running just under a 10 minute pace (yeah right “slow”) and I can’t run that fast for very long! Finally I just said screw it and let them go and I slowed down to a faster-than-normal-for-me pace of 12. Since I was no longer with a group my second mile also slowed down. But in my defense, I ran 7 miles the day before so I wasn’t on fresh legs. And secondly, I don’t start out my runs at under a 10 minute mile pace so I’m sure that had something to do with it too.

Yes, my “I’ll run with you” husband left me in the dust. So much for being my comfort! I spent mile 2 just pissed off. I vowed to never join a running group again. I am too slow and fat to be considered a “real” runner. I’ll just putz along at my pace and screw them all. During the third mile I saw that Eric and Amber were slowing down. I eventually caught up to them but I was still pissed off. I walked the last half mile to the store, grabbed my banana, water and eventually went home deflated. I was hoping that I could run with somebody but that wasn’t meant to be. Oh well back to solo training for me.  :(

Saturday is the Get Lucky 14K (8.7 miles). I will be running it by myself, at my pace and I don’t care.

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