Torchlight Run 5K

Thursday, July 23, 2015

A disappointing race.

The Start
Like last year, we all gathered around the Basilica, there were noticeable less people running this year. It was also 10 degrees warmer than last year too. They started us in waves. We thought about getting into the 10-10:59 wave but based on my running pace as of late I figured that was a bad idea. So we stuck to the 11 minute wave. The start was very fast, I think too fast for me. My first mile was 11:18 which is really fast for me considering it was hot and I’m not running that fast currently. I definitely paid for it later. This year I didn’t have to stop for the Light Rail Train or traffic so that was a bonus. They had water and some other bitter stuff at the first mile. Since it was so hot I grab what I thought was water…turns out it was something else. I don’t know what but it was bitter and nasty. I finally got some water. First mile was done in 11:19. Yay!

The Middle
The second mile was tough. I didn’t walk but I slowed way down. That first mile was too fast for me and I knew it. I was back to my slow pace again. It really was a struggle to get through that mile. I thought about walking but I resisted. I also was dealing with a lot of sweat into my eyes. I seriously need to figure out how to stop this. I rub my eyes and that isn’t a good thing when you wear contacts. I think I need to get some buffs. I got a free buff for the Valleyfair 10K and I used it recently as a head band but when the sweat in my eyes got so bad I took it off and used it as a rag. I need to get more of those I think! Just after mile 2 was another water stop. This time I made sure I got water! Second mile was done in 12:09.

The Finish
During the water stop I poured some of the water over my head. I was overheating big time, especially my face. I always overheat in my face. The rest of me is fine but my head feels like it is about to explode. Anyways that cooled me off but it made the sweat flow more freely into my eyes and this is where I had the contact problem. Thankfully I didn’t lose it but it was close. My other problem with the last mile is the Stone Arch Bridge. I don’t know what this stupid bridge has against me. It doesn’t matter if it is the start of the race or end of the race, I just can’t run fast over it. I love walking the bridge but for some reason I can’t run it. I walked about just before mile 3 and tried to sprint to the finish. Third mile time was 12:13 but my .14 mile time was on a 10:56 pace…my current sprinting pace…how pathetic!  Total time was 37:13, an 11:51 pace, and a minute slower than last year. :(

The Walk
After the race we got some water and pretzels. They were also handing out popsicles and yogurt, neither of which I like. No bananas. I’m not sure what this race has against bananas! We got our stuff and started walking back to the car. This year they had shuttles to the start area but Eric wanted to walk. So we slowly made our way across the Mississippi to Hennepin Ave. and eventually our car. From the finish to our car was about 1.5 mile walk. When we got to Hennepin Ave. we watch part of the Torchlight Parade. By 9:30 we were ready to head for home. We made a quick stop at Mc Donald’s for a burger…we were both starving by this point and finally got home around 10:15. It was a long evening.

Splits and Maps

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