A Concert, a Baptism and Valleyfair

Sunday, July 19, 2015

We had another busy weekend with family and friends. Just a typical summer weekend.

Festival of Bands
Yesterday morning, after a steamy 4 mile run, I had a concert at the Hopkins Raspberry Festival. This is an annual tradition. I missed it last year because of my sister's wedding. We played really well. I was very happy. I was also glad that my mom and her friend Anna were able to come. The band shell and seating area was in the shade so it wasn’t too hot (yet).  I’ll post a video of the concert later. We didn’t have time to find the elusive raspberries as we had to hurry home to change for the baptism.

We met DJ, Beth, Abbie and Danielle at our house and made our way to Chanhassen for the baptism of Carmen Helen Stayer. We were asked to be Godparents (if you have lost count that is a “six-pack” for us (Eric has one additional)). It was at St. Hubert’s. The last time I was in the church was for my band friend’s funeral in February. Thankfully this time it was a happy occasion! The baptism was not during Mass so it was short and sweet. Nothing too exciting happened besides Evelyn playing in the Holy Water. Ha! We had some pictures afterwards and then went to their house for a party.

They rented a gigantic inflatable obstacle course for their back yard. Oh no inflatables and I don’t get along. I ran through the course three times. The last time was during a race and of course I hurt myself…I’m done with inflatables!

For food they had Famous Dave’s catered in. We made the mistake of having KFC for lunch so I was chickened out but that ok I still had some chicken and beans and the awesome corn muffin (or two). Mike also came to the party. We had some more fun in the inflatable and gifts were open and it was time to leave for 7pm church. 

Praying for Success at the Casino
We rushed home to change and headed right out the door to St. Mary’s the Purification for 7pm Mass. I really like this church and we didn’t have time to go today so 7pm it was. All of us, except for Beth (she had to go home) went to church to pray for success at the casino. We had Father Eric…normally he is long winded but he was short and to the point and even had some humor. So that was nice for a change. The best part of this church is it is so small that you are almost always out in 45 minutes. 44 minutes to be exact this time. :)

We took the back roads over to the casino…this is why I love where I live. We went from a country church that reminds me of the one in North Creek (near my family farm) and we took the country roads past farms to the casino. I have the best of both worlds; the big city just over the river and the small family farms just so south of town. Anyways, our praying didn’t help…I don’t think any of us won, except for maybe Mike.


Today we went to Valleyfair with Mike, Danielle, DJ and Abbie. It was Mike’s first trip to Valleyfair since his weight loss and surgery.  We were going to test out that new hip and body. He successfully went on 4 rollercoasters and he went twice on Excalibur. We did Thunder Canyon and Monster and the Balloons. We went on quite a few rides in the 4 hours we were there. It was fun and I think Mike had fun too. His hip is still in place and he could walk out of the park so he did well! We met Anna and Mom at Culvers (they tried their luck at the casino again…and the casino wasn’t very nice to them). After a quick stop at our house, they all left. I was a bit tired so it was nice to have a few hours of quiet time. I actually took a nap. Eric had a soccer game at 6:30 so I was home alone for a couple hours. I caught up on some shows (instead of folding clothes) and eventually went for my run. So far I am 19 for 19 this month!  I only went a mile since this is my recovery day. Tomorrow I’ll try and do 3 again. We have the Torchlight 5K race on Wednesday.


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