Happy Easter!

Monday, April 6, 2015

This weekend we traveled down to my mom and brother’s house in Wisconsin. Saturday morning we picked up my bike at Erik’s Bike Shop. They tuned it up so I’m ready to ride this spring. I can’t wait! But we didn’t have time for that, we had to hit the road! We decided to take the long, scenic route through Hastings, Red Wing and Lake City, following the Mississippi River all the way to Winona. Since we were have a nice little drive, we drove around St. Mary’s University campus to see the sights of our college days. They have made a lot of improvements since our time but nothing new since the last time we drove around campus. Of course it was dead since it was Easter Break. After that we crossed the bridge and took the backroads to Mike’s house. It was a very nice day for a drive.

Easter Vigil
Mom and Eric wanted to go to the Easter Vigil. I’m not a big fan of 2 ½ hour Masses but I went along. Mom wanted to see who the new Catholics and their sponsors. One of them supposedly looked like mom. Yep she did! And walked like her too! Ha! We got out just before 11pm and stopped at Kwik Trip for pizza and pop. Yes, at 11pm at night. We had burgers at 4pm so 7 hours later I was hungry! It was delicious!

Running around the Statues
I tried sleeping in…mom said I could sleep in if I go to Easter Vigil…well I was up around 6. Darn it! I helped around the house and then went for a 3 mile run to Memorial Park. It was fun to run around the park and see the war statues. It made for an enjoyable run. I got a heart rate monitor so I didn’t focus on my pace. I focused on my heart rate and I’m happy that my pace was 12:05. I really like training with the heart rate monitor. Hopefully it will improve my running.

Easter Breakfast and Lunch
Nancy and the kids came up for breakfast. I made French toast and mom made kielbasa. I loved it. We got the stuff ready for our Easter lunch and before too long it was time to eat ham, cheesy potatoes and all the fixings. Yum! All the food was good. We didn’t stay around for too long as we had to drive to South Dakota for Eric’s Grandma’s Funeral. We left around 3pm and got to Mitchell around 9pm.

It was a pleasant weekend! 


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