March 2015 Recap

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Runs: 13
Miles: 50.9
Races: 2 (Hot Dash 5K - 34:46; O’Gara’s Irish Run 8K - 57:00)
Outdoors: 12
Indoors: 1
Longest: 8 miles
Average Pace: 12:13

March’s nice weather meant back outside for runs. That normally means a faster pace but for some reason that isn’t the case, my pace got a lot worse, 21 seconds worse!! Maybe it is because I ran a lot of longer runs which means a slower pace. Hopefully that is it! I’m very excited that I got back over 50 miles for the month!! Whoop!

I had two races this month. The Hot Dash 5K was the first weekend. It was a nice 37 degrees at start so that was great! My time was faster than my February race which makes me very happy. But I still can’t get back to my glory days (of early December ha!) of 33 minute times. I’m still carrying that extra Christmas weight (Yes I haven’t lost it at all! Very bummed!). Two weeks later we did the O’Gara’s Irish Run 8K. The start temp was 10 degrees cooler than Hot Dash but still was close to freezing. I finished in exactly 57 minutes. My first mile was well below 11 minutes which made my day but the overall pace after that sucked.

I had a first for me this month. Eric and I went to Sakatah State Park and ran 8 miles. It is amazing that I could go that far. It is all in preparation for the 15K in April. I was on such a high after that run that I signed up for the Women’s Rock Starlet Challenge (2.5K, 5K and 10K races) in August. But the last two runs of the month were not my best and now I’m second guessing my decision. Maybe it was the shoes? I didn’t use my old faithful Saucony’s for the last two runs. I used my new Asics and Hokas. I really hate the Hokas! I flushed $180 down the toilet as I can’t take them back either. Bad move on my part.

Trophies for March
Well for some reason a lot of my trophies on Nike+ disappeared. Like the bronze one. I know I earned it because I ran more than 15 miles. I’m not sure what Nike is doing.

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