Goldy’s Run 5K

Sunday, April 12, 2015

I had very low expectations for Goldy’s Run as I was suffering a cold and didn’t feel the best. I told Eric he should do his own race because I was going to be slow. The weather was perfect. The temps were in the low 40s with hardly any wind and the sun was shining!! Last year it was cold, wet and windy. There were 3,530 people who participated in the 5K (over 2,200 did the 10 mile). I was finisher number 1,765...the exact middle. :)

The Start
Like all races the start was crowded, but unlike other races, this race was crowded the entire 3 miles. There were walkers and strollers and all around it was a jungle of people to run through. The first mile was very frustrating; it was so bad that Eric couldn’t sprint away from me. We didn’t run together but he was always within sight. And he had my phone so I knew he was near when my watch buzzed to tell me it connected with my phone (Eric was carrying my phone). The first mile came in at 11:08. Not bad for this cold suffering women!

The Middle
Mile 2 has a lot of turns in it…check out the map below, it is crazy! I don’t remember much about the middle. I tried to maintain the same pace and even though I was wearing the heart rate monitor, I never really looked at it.

The Finish
As soon as the stadium was in sight (about the 2.3 miles mark) I changed my watch to show me my current pace. I told myself that my current pace cannot go above 11:00/miles. I didn’t pay attention to anything else. I basically sprinted (well for me sprinted) the last .8 miles. The last part of the run includes running around the stadium and finally go in the shoot and unto the field with the finish at the 50 yard line. I knew I was doing well because right before I ran into the stadium, I hit mile 3 and my time was 10:30. It has been a long time since my last mile was my fastest.  I never gave up my pace until the finish and finished with a time of 33:37. Officially my fastest 5K ever based on pace. My fastest overall 5K was 33:36 but that one was 3.08 miles and this one was 3.10 miles. And the amazing thing is I had a cold! I ran my best race with a cold! What the heck!

The Pictures, Maps and Splits


I was the exact middle finisher of the 5K!

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