Gain, Gain, Gain

Monday, December 15, 2014

I’ve been very frustrated for the last 3 weeks. Since Thanksgiving, I have done nothing but gain weight. I know I’ll get on the horse again and hopefully lose these pain-in-the-butt pounds. But part of me is worried that I won’t and by Danielle’s wedding I’ll weigh 300 pounds. I know that once I get through this Christmas time and get back to work in dreaded January, I’ll be able to focus again and try and lose this weigh I gained plus much, much more.

I haven’t given up on the running so that is good. I am very excited for the 2015 race schedule. I have 22 or so races I’m planning on doing. I’ve only registered for 5. Some aren’t open to registration yet and some I have some time before the price goes up. I need to spread out the spending on these since it will be well over $1,000 for registration fees alone…just for me!  Bold ones are already registered so I have a race in each of the first four months of the year:

1/1/2015              Commitment Day 5k
1/25/2015            Lake Minnetonka Flurry Scurry 5K
2/14/2015            Valentine's Day TC 5K
3/1/2015              Frosty Foot 5K
3/7/2015              Hot Dash 5K
4/11/2015            Goldy's 10 Mile Relay
4/18/2015            Hot Chocolate 15K
5/3/2015              Minnetonka Half Marathon
5/17/2015            Esprit de She Lakeville Duathlon
6/13/2015            Summer Breeze 10K
7/4/2015              Red, White & Boom! Half Marathon Relay
7/22/2015            Torchlight 5K
8/22/2015            Maple Grove Triathlon
8/29/2015            Women Rock 10K
9/12/2015            Suds Run 5K
9/13/2015            Sioux Falls Marathon Relay
9/27/2015            The HealthPlus Brooksie Way 10K
10/3/2015            TC 5K
10/17/2015         Mankato 5K
10/18/2015         Mankato 10K
11/26/2015         Joslyn Castle Turkey Trot 5K
12/5/2015            Reindeer Run 5K

As you see, I’m already registered for a 15K and I have half on the list. I guess we will see. I ran 6.5 miles on Saturday (after which Eric asked “Why didn’t you go 7?” and I replied “Shut Up!”). After that I thought to myself, crap, how am I going to do 3 more miles…or worse double that effort? What have I gotten myself into????

Life and Lights
We had  a nice weekend in Mankato. I helped Danielle on the wedding invitations and Eric and Bradley helped DJ fix things in her basement.  Q and Pumpkin were very cuddle on Saturday…not so much on Sunday.  

We had dinner at Applebee’s and walked through the Lights at Sibley Park. It really is quite a lot of lights!

Sunday we did more stuff in the basement and went shopping. It was a nice weekend away.

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