November 2014 Recap

Monday, December 1, 2014

Runs: 14          
Miles: 50
Races: 2 (Chocoholic Frolic 5K - 33:33; Joslyn Castle Turkey Trot 5K 33:36)
Outdoors: 10
Indoors: 4
Longest: 6.1 miles
Average Pace: 11:53

November really tricked me. The weather got cold and it snowed. That put a wrinkle in my running. Of course, we fell back too so every day I got home in the dark and I don’t like running in the dark in the winter when I can’t see ice. So that means inside running again. I only had 4 of those this month but December will be a lot more inside. The first run of the month was the Chocoholic Frolic 5K. My time was 33:33 but the course was short so I didn’t really consider that a PR since my average time was not as good as the Monster Dash in October.

I managed to get to 50 miles but it was a struggle. I had over 12 miles to run with 4 days left in the month. I knew I couldn’t run the last day (traveling back to MN) so it was really in 3 days. I did the Turkey Trot in Omaha and had a great time of 33:36. Almost 10 minutes faster than last year! Yay! I ran the whole race, even all those up hills. My average pace was 10:55! I followed that up with a 5 mile and a 4 mile run to finish the month. I’m lowering my expectations for December and shooting for only 30 miles.

Trophies for November 

pretty sad month :(

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