October 2014 Recap

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Runs: 17
Miles: 53.4
Races: 3 (TC 5K - 35:13; Mankato 10K - 1:07:43; Monster Dash 5k- 34:56)
Outdoors: All!
Indoors: None
Longest: 6.1 miles
Average Pace: 12:04

October was great! I started out the month with the TC 5K. It was a cold windy morning but I tied my PR with 35:13. We took a weekend off and traveled to Rapid City where I did a 5 mile run with Eric. Many of the October training runs were with Eric. I’m very happy he joins me sometimes. That also explains the faster average pace for the month. I also started doing a speed workout once a week. These are great. I run 400 meters fast (about a 9:20 pace) and walk for about 80 meters and repeat. I do 5-6 of those at each speed workout. I think it really has made me faster. Look at my amazing times at the Mankato 10K and Monster Dash 5K!

Trophies for October

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