A Bridal Shower and Christmas

Monday, November 10, 2014

A post that is not about running…amazing! Well maybe I’ll mention it a bit about running. This weekend was great. We didn’t have to drive anywhere and there were no races to run. It was a nice change. Friday night we did a speed workout (see I’m talking about running). It will probably be the last one outside for a while. We are getting hammered with snow today and they don’t clean the path. :(  Saturday I went out for a long run when Eric left for work. I did 6 miles and it felt good. I ran the first 5 miles without really walking and the last mile was into the wind so I walked a bit more. I dressed perfect for the run, except for the last mile...I was cold.

Bridal Shower
After the run Eric came home and I made a quick lunch and then got ready for my the bridal shower. I’m a horrible friend. I haven’t seen Angela in 3 years. It was so nice to see her and her mom again. DeAnn, another college friend and roommate was also there so it was nice to touch base with both of them. Angela is marrying a dairy farmer from La Crescent! It is crazy that after 14 years she is moving into the country from the big city. I’m happy for her. It was a good shower. I didn’t get out of there until 3 hours later.
DeAnn, Angela, Kim, Kim and Angela's cousin...I can't remember her name :(
After a quick dinner we headed off to church. We have been going to the country church lately because the 7pm Mass is a good time and I like the church. We got home from that and watch TV and relaxed the rest of the night.

Folding Clothes, My Nemesis
Sunday morning I woke up early and folded clothes for over an hour and watched to a couple weeks of Mollie B Polka Party. I hate folding clothes and because I hate it, the clothes collect on the spare bed until I'm desperate. I know it would be easier if I just folded them when they come out of the dryer but I don't. Every time I waste a weekend morning folding clothes, I swear I'm never going to let the clothes get out of hand again...but I don't follow through with it and here we are, weeks later and I'm wasting another weekend morning. ARGH!

Christmas Lights
Most of the day we watch TV and I did some things around the house. We tried to put up the Christmas lights but most of them were dead. So we ventured out to Lowe’s (twice) for some Christmas lights, garland and candy canes.  Of course we forgot things the first time so we had to go back. I’m so thankfully we live so close!

We got all the lights outside up, in the tree, the bushes, the entry way and around garage door. We are not very creative! We got some groceries and I made roll out sugar cookies…I’m not very good at rolling out cookies, I think I’ll stick to Monster Cookies. They tasted really good though but I decapitated almost all of the moose. :( After the 6th headless moose, I went with just round shapes. 

That was about it. A nice weekend with not much to do…I’m even bored reading about it. :)

OK I said no running but I'm happy to report that I'm only 7 miles away from 500 miles this year! That is crazy!  Last year I only did 158 miles for the whole year! I know I didn't start running in earnest until September but that to me is amazing!

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