A Week of Art

Sunday, November 23, 2014

This week has definitely been interesting filled with fun projects.

The Painting
I took a PTO day on Tuesday and had big plans to clean the house, run far, bike on my new trainer and eat healthy. I really failed. I went to the community center for a run. I thought I’d do 4 miles. It started out good but around mile 2, the kids in the gym below were eating pizza.  I was toast. The smell of delicious pizza was waffling up to the running track. I quit after 3 miles and went to Kwik Trip for pizza. I was just going to do a slice but the nice bakery lady said, I just took this whole pizza out of the oven…I bought it. I ate 2 slices before I even left the parking spot. It was so good. I ate half of it before I got home. Stupid kids and their pizza.

So after failing on my run and gorging half of a sausage pizza, I called my mom. After a 20 minute call, I was painting her a snowman picture for her bathroom. It was good, I haven’t painted in a while and really need to keep up on my skills. I ran to Joann Fabric to buy some supplies and 2 hours later I had a beautiful snowman painting for my mom.

The Basket
After last weekend’s failed attempt to find a suitable basket for our stairs, I decided to weave my own. I ordered reed and was so excited when it arrived on Thursday. Sadly, I had to go to band practice first. As soon as I got home from practice, I started measuring and cutting reed, soaking it and weaving it. I forgot how much fun it was to weave baskets. It was a struggle in the beginning and I almost gave up but I preserved and the basket started to take shape. I have to say my Intermediate Accounting textbooks came in handy!  This was 2 hours of weaving (I had to quit because it was past 11pm and I had to work the next day):

Friday, after dinner with the Stayers, I continued on the basket and here is almost the finished product. It is basically done. I just need to hot glue the final reed. I started but ran out of glue sticks. I’m very happy with it.

The Delivery
Saturday morning I enjoyed the beautiful weather…well not really beautiful but it was over 30 degrees so I went for a long run. It was great. I did 6 miles and never walked. My pace was under 11:45…that is incredible. I took a quick shower and we were on our way to Wisconsin to deliver the snowman painting. My mom is clever at getting me to come home for the weekend. :) We went out for dinner as “payment” for the painting and delivery. After dinner we just watched TV and went to bed early. I was exhausted.

Crafts, crafts and more crafts
Sunday morning, Mom, my aunt, Betty Jane and I went to the Annual Rainbow Homemakers Holiday Fair in Independence. They had a great crowd. I got a lot of new ideas for crafts to make. Eric and I hung up a Christmas sign that my dad made many years ago and we made our way home. It truly was a week of art adventures.

Map and Splits of My Long Run

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