Why Did the Tongue Get in the Way?

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

It is the official weigh in day for me and I'm down another 3 pounds this week. That makes me very happy since last week I didn't lose...or gain any. Staying at the same weight is very frustrating when there is no reason for it. It is one thing if I ate horrible and didn't work out but I did neither and still I didn't lose last week. This week I did basically the same thing and lost 3 pounds. :)  And if my mouth continues to hurt, maybe I'll lose another 3 pounds next week...wishful thinking. I decided to add the little weight tracker to the top of the blog weight loss can be tracked and I can be held accountable if I fall off the wagon...again. 

Part of the reason I think I lost so much this week was because I went for a 4 mile run last night. It seems like whenever I go for a 4 mile run I lose at least a pound overnight...assuming I didn't gorge myself on calorie loaded foods. I might have to make that a Tuesday night tradition…run 4 miles.

Now onto my mouth, well my head in general.  Since Thursday my eyes have been hurting me.  Not stinging, not burning, not itchy, not dry, just hurt, like if I pulled a muscle. I’m assuming it is just eye strain from looking at thousands of little numbers and staring at the computer. Thankfully that pain has finally subsided.  Also on Thursday my mouth started to hurt, mostly my jaw, I’m thinking that was because of band. We had a week off and then went hard at it last Thursday and my jaw wasn’t happy. Monday I developed a massive canker sore on my upper right gum line.  It hurts like crazy!  And then to make things worse, I bit my tongue yesterday.  And I don’t mean a little bite; I mean I took a chunk out and it bled.  I was spitting up blood for like 5 minutes, not pleasant when you are at work.  Of course today it hurts like heck too.  I literally can’t eat on my right side of my mouth.  Could this be the answer to my weight loss goals for the next week?  I doubt it.

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