The Teens

Thursday, February 6, 2014

So I’ve had another major accomplishment this morning…I broke through to the teens…219.6 to be exact. What is it about that magical number 9 that makes you so much happier than the dreaded 0? And it wasn’t even that much below zero but seeing that 9 made me happy.  I’m sure I’ll be back above 220 tomorrow as we are meeting friends for dinner at Culver’s tonight. But this 9 is only a sign of where I’m going to go from here. (Hopefully!)

It has been just over two months since I cracked the 220s and hopefully it won’t take me that long to get to single digits. There will be no Christmas holiday to derail me this time!

Speaking of weight loss, I saw The Biggest Loser finale and I won’t begrudge Rachel for being too skinny (even though she is underweight now).  She is a fierce competitor (3-time Minnesota State HS Champion in the Butterfly) and she wanted to win. I’m just curious how she did it.  When she left the ranch 3 months ago she had lost 110lbs and was down to 150 lbs. (and she looked amazing!)  At the finale, she weighed in at 105 lbs.  Overall she lost 60% of her body!! But what surprises me most is she lost 45 lbs. in 3 months (over Thanksgiving and Christmas no less). I know it gets harder to lose weight the smaller you get and I struggle to lose 10 lbs a month now and I’m running 4 days a week and eating less, I can’t imagine how she did it. I only wish her the best.

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