Valentine’s Gala

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Well another week is done and we’ve already started another. The time really flies. Last week was pretty boring. We both worked long hours and didn’t really venture anywhere until the weekend. We are still a day behind on the Olympics. Some point we will get caught up…I love our DVR. It makes watching the Olympics enjoyable. We can fast forward through events like the biathlon…why would you be cross country skiing with a gun? 
Because of the Olympics, I made this week a recovery week which means I really didn’t do a lot of running. I took Monday off. Tuesday I did 2 miles before volleyball. I took Wednesday off (very bad!) and had band practice on Thursday. I did 3 miles Friday and only 2.25 miles on Saturday, so my goal of 50 miles in February maybe in jeopardy. :( But I got my chocolate badge for running on Valentine's Day:

Also this week…we have been working long hours at work, Eric more than me. On Thursday I swung by his workplace to pick up the car so I could go to band practice. After practice, I drove back downtown to pick him up. He put in almost 14 hours in one day. Friday I made him leave work at 5pm. And Saturday he worked 4 hours.
After I picked Eric up at work on Saturday we drove down (in the snow storm) to Wisconsin for the weekend. We attend the Knights of Columbus Valentine’s Gala. But we went to church first. In the middle of Father Woody’s homily he said “excuse me there is a bat.” Stepped down from the altar, took his shoe off and killed it. Well that traumatized a few kids. He went on with his homily and a few paragraphs later he says, “Uh-oh…thou shall not kill.” Of course we all cracked up laughing. It was interesting. The Valentine’s Gala was fun. The school was decorated so nice and the food was delicious. We stayed about 2 and half hours. I got to see my old friend, Monica, but she was too busy running the event (cough, cough) that she didn’t really have time to talk.
This morning I was my mom’s slave again. We worked on a presentation board for her Diocesan meeting in April. It turned out nice, of course! After brunch, Eric and I went to have our taxes completed. It was a good day. We are getting a nice chunk of “our money” back so I can pay for my upcoming vacations! :)
After we got home I went for a 3 mile run outside which was a challenge with the snow we got yesterday it was packed on the walking paths and some were not even cleaned off. I was exhausted after my run that I am crashing on the couch and watching Olympics for the rest of the night.
Training Recap
Miles ran in 2014:  80.25 miles (only 319.75 miles left to go)
Week 21 Mileage: Swim = 0 miles; Bike = 0 miles; Run = 10.8 miles; Total = 10.8 miles

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