Graduation Trifecta

Monday, May 20, 2013

We had the trifecta this year.  One high school graduation (Adam), one undergrad graduation (Danielle) and this past weekend we went to our graduate graduation (Byron).  So we have seen all three in a matter of 8 days.  Byron’s was by far the shortest at just over an hour.  There were only 100 graduates so that helps.  After the graduation Paula had a party at the house. It was nice to see Paula’s family again. There was a good Williams crew. Chris came up for the day. Terry and Judy were there as was DJ and the kids, well two of the kids.  It was a good day.

The Williams Gang
Last week was a very nice week. Tuesday was blazing hot. We got up to 100 degrees on the car ride home. We didn’t really do much after work because it was so stinking hot.  At 9:30 we went for a short walk but it was still 85 degrees out. 

Wednesday we went for a swim. It felt good to get in the water again.  We did 750 meters so it was a good work out. After that I went for 7.5 mile bike ride. It was a slow ride, at least in the beginning. Once I got to the highest point on the ride at 3 miles in, I coasted the rest of the way.  My goal is 15 mph. My average speed was 11.6 mph.  Once I got over the hill I never really went slower than 14. I think I need a different route because the way I usually go is uphill for 3 miles. Starting out going uphill on legs not warmed up is probably not the best idea. 

Thursday was band day so I didn’t get a work out in, but playing my instrument is workout right? LOL! I think I’m going to do the musical this year. Every year the band plays in the pit orchestra for the city outdoor musical. I’ve never done it before because I’m usually busy in June. This year not so much so I thought I’d do it. I’m not really happy in the choice of musical this year, Carnival!, I’d rather it was something I knew.  The world famous song from the musical, Love Makes the World Go Round, I’ve never heard before. It is sad when you have never heard the “famous” song from the musical. But alas, I’ll basically be living in Eden Prairie in June as there are rehearsals every day for one week and then there are 7 performances over two weekends.

Eric had class on Friday so I went swimming without him.  I did 3/4 of a mile. Again I felt great.  I thought about going for a run afterwards but decided I’d better wash, dry and fold clothes. We had mounds again from the weekend before. My battle with the clothes is never won.  I cleaned out my closet, getting rid of a big garbage bag of clothes. I put away the sweaters (fingers crossed we are finally done with winter) and brought out the summer clothes.  It was a busy evening.

Eric had class Saturday too.  I cleaned the house and went for a 3 mile run/walk.  My legs were tired. I ran most of the first 2 miles but walked the majority of the last one. It was windy! After Eric got done with class we headed to DJ’s house in Mankato and then on to Sioux Falls for Byron’s graduation.  

On our way home yesterday, we stopped at Falls park to check out the waterfalls. It is a nice park but it was raining so it wasn't so pleasant.  

We made it back home last night around 9:30pm.  We hit a pheasant along the way. Or should I say the dumb bird flew into us. Hitting a stupid bird at 65 mph is not a cool thing.  Eric and I both put our hands up because we though he was going to come through the windshield.  Thankfully he hit the top our windshield and hood. No dent and the crack that I thought I saw ended up being a feather or something, I don’t know but there were pheasant guts all over…sadly I don’t think he survived. 

It was another fun filed week.  I wonder what this week will bring. 

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