Muddy Pants

Monday, April 8, 2013

We had a nice day out yesterday. We traveled down to Mankato with Greg, Celeste and Evelyn for the day. I brought my old pots and pans, mixing bowls and a pan of my famous lasagna for Danielle. We visited with DJ, Abbie and Ethan. Danielle and Bradley came over for a while but Bradley had to work so we kept Danielle.  Most of us went out to Minneopa State Park. We left Eric, Ethan and Abbie behind so they could work on their homework. It was a nice day at the park.  The waterfalls were not very full so that was disappointing but at least there was some water flowing (not like the one time I took Danielle and her friend there and it was bone dry). We hiked down to the creek level. We tried to get back to the falls but it was too muddy…I fell twice. The first time wasn’t so bad because I caught myself before I could do too much damage to my pants. The second time…not so lucky.  I stepped on some leaves but under the leaves was ice and down I went, plopped on my ass. It was so wet and muddy that it soaked through!  It was so uncomfortable the rest of the day! I had fun playing with my camera playing with all the settings to get that really nice “smooth” waterfall picture that doesn’t look choppy. I really wish I knew how to do this before considering all the waterfalls I have seen throughout the years.  I could have had some really awesome pictures! I also got some nice pictures of Evelyn. She really enjoyed it but she got carried most of the hike so she wasn’t muddy.  We hung around the park for a while and then went to Little Caesars for some pizzas for us and the rest of the troops at DJ’s house.  After that we went to the TV station where Bradley works and he gave us a tour. It was cool seeing the inside of the control booth and the set. We met the weather guy, he was nice and showed us around. He is the weekend guy so he never sees tours so this was his time to shine. LOL!  We met the news anchor too.  So it was a good day! 
Upper Minneopa Falls

Partially frozen Minneopa Creek

Evelyn enjoying the hike

Lower Minneopa Falls

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