The Quack Got it Right

Saturday, April 6, 2013

I was sitting in a meeting on Tuesday and all of a sudden I was extremely tired, my throat started to hurt and I got the chills. I thought to myself…CRAP, not again!  I just had a cold 3 weeks ago and was finally over it. I had chills the rest of day and couldn’t wait to get home. I was so tired all I wanted to do was sleep.  I had a volleyball game at 9:15pm so I had to stay awake.  I struggled playing. I had enough energy for one game. The other 3 games were a struggle.  I had a rough night sleep because I ached all over and I had a splitting headache. I finally called in sick. My first sick day since Eric had surgery a couple years ago. I’m so glad I did. I slept in until 10am and did nothing all day except play Candy Crush.

Thursday I went back to work and visited our Health Services.  I thought for sure I had strep throat.  Typical symptoms, sore throat, couldn’t swallow, swollen/painful glands, white spots, headaches, fever.  Well they took the strep test and it was inconclusive. The nurse practitioner, aka the “quack,”  told me I had bronchitis. HUH?  I was not congested, I didn’t have sinus pain, I wasn’t stuffed up, I could breathe just fine and I wasn’t coughing.  Where the heck did that diagnosis come from? So I left there questioning the staff my company has hired for our Health Services.  Even the people I work with thought she was a quack. Well the quack got it right. Thursday night I had sinus pressure, stuffed up noise, it hurt to breathe and coughing. Great! The other weird thing about the visit…the measured my waist…what is that about?

Today was an exciting day.  I got my new stove.  I know this is just a few weeks after my exciting new toilet. But the last time I cleaned our stove, I practically died of the fumes from EZ-Off. I told Eric “I’m never cleaning this stove again; next time it needs to be cleaned, I’m getting a new stove.”  Well that was a while ago, and the old stove desperately needed to be cleaned. Eric wouldn’t let me go back on my proclamation so we bought a new stove. This new stove is great.  It is so much better than my old one.  It is glass top, it has self-cleaning, a timer and a LIGHT!  No more trying to find my little flashlight to see if the cookies are done. I’m so excited!   I christened it with a pizza of course.  It worked great. I also made eggs, browned hamburger, fried bacon and made twice-baked potatoes. Tonight I’m making a cookie/brownie recipe.  It is getting a work out on its first day of service.

I also bought new cookware from Kohl’s.  It is Bobby Flay’s (whoever the heck he is) stainless steel set.  So far, so good. I figure, new stove, new cookware.  Plus my old set is non-stick and the Teflon is starting to flake. It is not cool when I’m eating mashed potatoes and I see black flecks of Teflon.  Can’t that stuff kill you?  So anyways, I went for a high quality stainless.  I fear that my food will stick to it but so far neither the hamburger nor the bacon stuck.  I guess the true test is the next time I make eggs.  I hear those can be tricky.

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