2013 Vacation Planning

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Well it less than 70 days until 2013 which means that vacation planning has started.  Actually vacation planning started in early September when MLB released the schedule for next year.  Eric had mentioned that it would be cool if the Twins played at the Rangers and Astros in back-to-back series.  Well, MLB didn’t disappoint...August 30-September 4, the Twins play 3 games in Arlington and 3 games in Houston.   Wow!  That is two years in a row we got lucky. Last year I mentioned that I wanted to see Pittsburgh and Cincinnati and MLB granted the Twins back-to-back series on June this year. Seems like the MLB has been listening to us! Ha!
So we are planning on either driving or flying to Dallas, spend a few days there then drive to Houston for a couple days and visit with my friend, Mary Linda. Other than the two baseball games, I’m not sure what else we will do. I guess I have more planning to do.
Another trip that I’m planning is to Rapid City in late June/early July.  Apparently we are biking/running in part of a Triathlon with Eric’s sister Carrie. She is swimming, I’m biking, Eric is running.  I’m not sure which one she wants to do but I’m thinking it is the Rapid City one which is June 29th.
The other reason that I start my vacation planning in late October is because Eric needs to have his PTO for next year figured out about now.  I know that sounds crazy but because of his union they have to plan this far ahead of time.  Now he doesn’t have to plan every day but if there is a day/week he really needs off, he has to do it now.  Unfortunately, he is last man on the totem pole for next year. In his old area he was close to the top so he got any days he wanted.  When he moved to this new area in late January he went back to the bottom.  That means no PTO the day after Thanksgiving or the Monday before Christmas Eve.  How sad! I guess no Omaha for us next year.  He should be able to get off the two days after Christmas though so that is good. 
This is a good time of year.  I love planning vacations and this is great time to start.

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