Dylan Schank - 11/13/89 - 8/6/19

Tuesday, August 6, 2019

My nephew, Dylan, passed away this morning after a eight month battle with cancer. It is hard to believe 10 months ago I was honored to recite a cat poem for his wedding and now he is gone.

Dylan and I shared many interests but we both had a passion for cats, traveling and baseball.

If you want a good laugh watch this video showing the special way Dylan held cats when he was 2.5. Dylan's Last Night Milking Cows

When he started dating Melissa he asked when it would be appropriate to show her the video. Ha! Since Swirl was young he has had a heart murmur. Dylan always referred to him as the little heart patient.

We also shared a love of maps/globes, traveling and National Parks. Dylan at one time said the atlas was his favorite book. When he was younger, we went on several trips together to wonderful places like Washington DC, NYC, UP/Mackinac Island, MN North Shore and our biggest trip out West to San Diego, Phoenix and Las Vegas. We stopped at the Grand Canyon and most National Parks in southern Utah. It is so hard to believe we won't be able to talk about maps and globes, or trips we are taking. No more talk about cats or baseball.  I'm so heartbroken.

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