Off to Paris & Dinner at Eiffel Tower

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

We slept in again and had lunch with Cathy before we ventured down to Lyon to catch the train to Paris. It was a quick 2-hour trip. We meandered through the train station to find the subway to our hotel. It was a bit tricky and I got very frustrated. I finally found our way and before too long we were at the hotel. Our hotel location was great. It was close to a subway stop, blocks away from Notre Dame and lots of restaurants, bakeries and shops. It was perfect, I would stay there again!

After an hour to freshen up, we went to the Eiffel Tower for dinner. Michael purchased dinner at the Restaurant 58 on the second level of the tower. It was very good. I saved Michael from the nuts in the desert! It was my first and only save. Michael is allergic to nuts. We asked the waitress if there were nuts in the desert to which she reply, but of course it is praline. Michael told her he was allergic and she had a look of worry on her face and asked how allergic was he. Haha. All is well, he didn’t actually eat it. 

We took the river cruise after sunset and enjoyed the sites at night. We got back to the hotel around midnight and were starving. We found this cute pizza place by the hotel and had a midnight snack. It was a very nice day!

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