EC 5K, TC 1 Mile and Donut Dash 5K

Monday, May 15, 2017

I had three races in 7 days this past week.

Eau Claire 5K
It started with the 5K a part of Eau Claire Marathon. My race was ok. Nothing fantastic but it was one of my fastest this year. I was just 13 seconds shy of breaking into the 38s again at 39:12. I want to get under 39 minutes so bad! I really want to get down to 33 but that requires more training. The weather was perfect for the race and the post-race root beer was delicious. After the race we had to rush to Target Field for a Twins game. The Twins lost. :(

TC 1 Mile
On Thursday we ran the TC 1 mile race. It was such a fun night! My mile came in at 12:01:05. I was so close to getting into the 11s. My goal was less than 12:15 so I made that goal!  Yay! We stayed to watch the Women and Men’s Pro Races. They were incredibly fast. The top male finished in 4:01. That was 6 seconds slower than the record.  Amazing! This was also my 100th Race!

Donut Dash 5K
Two days later we ran the Donut Dash 5K. It was bit on the warm side but otherwise a great morning for running. The amazing thing happened at this race. I managed to run each mile at a consistent pace. I’m seriously look at this:
I can’t believe I did that. All my other races I plummet during miles 2 and 3. But this race was the same. I don’t know how I did that. I was very happy with this race and the post-race donuts were great!

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