Run & Ride 5K

Monday, May 16, 2016

It wasn’t my best race. It wasn’t anywhere close to the great race I had at Goldy’s…which I still think my watch went wonky on me. The weather was a bit cold for May at 37 degrees and the wind. Yikes! Thankfully I was only running a 5K!

My pace was very sporadic. I could not nail down a consistent pace which is very evident in my pace chart. I was running under 11s to begin with. I was doing great until we moved from the gravel to the pavement and had to run up a hill. It wasn’t a big hill at all but after bust my butt running fast (for me), I hit the hill and had to walk. You can tell because my pace doesn’t even show up on the pace chart. I pulled myself together and got an 11:32 first mile. My goal for this race is to have all miles under 12. That is my goal with all 5Ks. I’ve switch my running strategy lately and instead of focusing on the run in total, I focus on pace for each individual mile.

Mile two was mostly in Valleyfair on their brick streets. I’m not a fan of running brick but at least it wasn’t cobblestone! It was fun running past all the various rides and rollercoasters. They had them going as it was almost opening time so that kept my mind occupied. Before we hit the mile 2 marker, we run out of the park and on to the biking trail. This is my trail. I bike and run it all the time. This is my familiar place. Near the end of mile 2, I reminded myself I’m running the 10K tomorrow so don’t kill your legs on a 5K today! I still managed to get my second mile in under 12 minutes at 11:52.

The last mile and finish I struggled with a bit. I’m not sure why. I started running sprints and then walk for a bit…I know what it is…it is my interval training screwing up my 5K. I only did that a few times during mile 3. And I kept a close look on my watch to make sure the mile did not end up over 12 minutes. And my walking was like 5-10 seconds. But nonetheless it was walking ARGH! My mile 3 time was 11:46. Woo Hoo! All under 12! I sprinted to the finish and got a time of 35:27. Not bad. It wasn’t as fast as Goldy’s but it was faster than the Hot Dash 5K in March so I call that a win!

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