Valleyfair’s Run and Ride Route 76 10K

Monday, May 18, 2015

What a beautiful race day, 68 degrees, raining and wind…yep, beautiful. ARGH! I guess I was happy it was raining because 88% humidity without rain would have made it worse.

The Start
We started the race in the parking lot by Wild Thing. We rain down the parking lot towards the river and ran along the river. Most of the first mile was in the parking lot. We came into the park somewhere around the High Roller and rain past the Wave ride. There was a water stop right around the Wave. We continued to run through the new (old) area called Route 76.  We ran under Wild Thing and past the Steel Venom and back to the parking lot where we cut up to the new bike path along Hwy 101. Here we ran a very long straight path to The Landing Park. I have run along a portion of this before so I knew what to expect.

The Middle
We had another water stop at mile 2.5 and then before long we were turning into the Landing Park. I had never been to the Landing but I always wondered what it looked like behind the fence. It is actually pretty cool back there. It is an old 1800s city with a main street and a church, stores and houses. It was really a nice change of scenery from the dreary highway!!  Just before mile 4 was another water stop. They definitely had plenty of water stops…it was such a nice difference from the last race we did where there was only 4.

The End
After the Landing we came back out onto the trail by the highway. It was around Mile 5 and another water stop! It was really awesome. It was such a humid icky day that water was definitely needed that often. It was at this point I told Eric to take off on me. Mile 5 was very slow. I was struggling at this point. It didn’t help that I have a stuffed up noise and was coughing up the junk in my chest…I think I have bronchitis again.  My chest felt heavy the whole run and I knew Mile 6 was going to be bad. :( Before long we turned back into the Valleyfair and ran along the service road under Wild Thing, ran through the new picnic area (where the mini golf used to be) and back out to the parking lot to finish. My time was 1:17.29. Not bad for this cold suffering heavy chested woman! I was hoping for 1:15 but considering the conditions, I’m not upset with my time. We also got a really cool medal.

Pictures, Maps and Splits


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