Sodium…my nemesis

Friday, April 25, 2014

So April hasn’t been too kind with me weight wise. For the last 25 days I have lost a net…wait for it... 0.2 pounds. I have had peaks and valleys. My highest was almost 4 pounds higher than where I am at now; my lowest was 2 pound lower than where I am at now. So that is a 6 pound swing…but I’m stuck at a measly 0.2 pounds lost.  So frustrating! Why has this month been so horrible to me? I’ve increased my running and added biking again.  Why??

There are two culprits (I think) sodium and weekends away from home. 

I am really a sweet tooth, I love sugar. All types of sugar from fruit and sweets. Generally I hate salty foods. However I’ve had a very high sodium month. A lot of eating out which is a big killer. Some meals are 200% of your sodium intake for a day. Yikes! So I did a handy little diagram to show my problem.  I’m a geek, I love numbers, statistics and charts. Here is the last 30 days, the green bars represent my sodium intake, a lot of high bars there don’t you think!?  I figure that I should eat less than 2300 mg a day. I didn’t meet that goal on most days as you can tell. The red line indicates my daily weight fluctuation. The higher the line, the more weight I gained. Isn’t it amazing how sodium and weight gain/loss are so closely related.  I thought about adding total daily calories too but that is just too much data in one tiny chart. It is crazy how close they are aligned.

Home Sweet Home
The other reason for the lack of weight loss this month is we are never home. One weekend in Rapid City, two in Wisconsin means a lot of eating out. Eating out will kill any weight loss plan and as you can tell it killed mine. This weekend we are actually staying home…but we have a Twins game…Sodium Haven. We will see how the rest of this month goes; hopefully I can lose a couple pounds before Wednesday.

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