March 2014 Recap

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Runs: 17
Miles: 51.80
Races: 1 (4.4 miles) (Get Lucky 7K - 54:03)
Outdoors: 11 (38 miles)
Indoors: 6 (13.8 miles)
Longest: 6.1 miles
Average Pace: 13:03

I saw huge improvement during March. I took it easy the first couple of weeks leading up to the Get Lucky 7K so my IT band could heal. What a huge difference it made and also going outside more helped too. I discovered that Eric was the key to making me go faster. Runs with him made me push myself and my pace improved dramatically.  At the beginning, I was in the 13-14 minute mile range, but by months end I was typically in the 12s. Very excited! My longest run was at Spring Lake Regional Park. I love running there now and can't wait to go there again.

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