Welcome to New Jersey!

Monday, September 5, 2011

We just crossed an awesome bridge from Delaware to New Jersey. It was cool! We are on our way to Atlantic City, NJ.

Yesterday we flew from MSP to Newport News, VA. We got in our Jeep Compass and away we went. We drove through Norfolk and went across the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel. Very long and expensive...$12!!!! We went through VA and MD to Seaford, DE. We ate at a Friendly's resturant. The burgers were good but chocolate lava cake filled with caramel and top with hot fudge was fantastic.

Our hotel was interesting the first room they gave us wasn't cleaned. My first clue should have been the empty case of Bud Light bottles, the messed up beds and towels everywhere. Gross! They gave us a new room and all was fine.

This morning we drove up to Dover, the capitol of Delaware, and checked out the capitol building. A very historic town since they were the first state. From there we drove up to Delaware City to catch a ferry to Fort Delaware, a civil war prison camp. It was interesting with costumed characters. They even fired an actual Civil War cannon!

That's about it from here...somewhere in New Jersey...

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