First in Flight

Saturday, September 10, 2011

What an amazing sunrise this morning. I'm glad I woke up for it. Check out my pictures for 9/10 to see the many pictures I took. This morning we walked around the beach but the waves were crashing too hard to actually go swimming. :-( We took a dip in the pool before heading out for the day.

First stop of the day was at Wright Brothers' National Historic Site. We got to see where flying began. Very cool! Tons of exhibits to look at, a replica of their flying machine and the hill where it all began. I took a tumble at the monument...and worst of all Eric got it on tape. So much for showing off for the camcorder.

After that we made our way back to Virginia. We stopped at History Jamestown, the first surviving English Settlement. It was interesting. After that we drove the Colonial Parkway to Yorktown Battlefield. It is where Cornwallis surrendered to George Washington during the Revolutionary War. It was very interesting to see all this history.

We are relaxing at the hotel after a great meal at Smokey Bones BBQ. Tomorrow are going home.

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