Three broken lighthouses

Friday, September 9, 2011

Kill Devil Hills, NC

I got really friendly with the mascot.
Yesterday was a great day. We saw more of the Maryland countryside. We crossed the beautiful Chesapeake Bay Bridge. We saw some of the flooding as a result of Tropical Storm Lee. And the Orioles beat the Yankees. I became close friends with the Orioles mascot. First he tried to kiss my hand (click here) and then he gave me a hug (click here). It turned out to be a nice day, outside of the spotty showers and 100% cloud cover. It didn't rain for the game so that makes a good day. After the game we made our way back to the beach. We stopped for some good steak and drinks along the way.

Today we started our return trip down south through Maryland and Virginia. We crossed the Chesapeake Bay/Bridge again. It is a 2o some mile bridge/tunnel across the bay. It is consider one of the Seven Engineering Wonders of the Modern World. But it isn't cheap...$12 toll...ouch! We stopped at Fort Story Base to see the Cape Henry Lighthouses. Unfortunately we can't climb them now as Hurricane Irene had her way with them and they were too damage. But I got some nice pictures of the outside. Entering the base was an interesting expense. In May we went to the Naval Air Station in Pensacola and we got right on with no searching. At Fort Story they searched the whole car!

After that we drove down the coast of Virginia, entering North Carolina. We drove down the start of Cape Hatteras National Seashore. Hwy 12 is still damage so we couldn't go down to the Bodie Island Lighthouse. It was damaged by Irene too. We were able to go to Fort Raleigh though so that was cool. After some dinner we did another round of mini golf. It was such a fun course. To start we had to ride a "train" to the start on the mountain and than made our way down the course to the finish. Very cool. I had 2 holes-in-ones but some how I still tied Eric...hum...

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