Hail! Hail!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

I don't want to use this blog to complain about the weather but...talk about a crazy weather week. So the last blog 10 days ago it was freezing, it even snowed on May 2nd and the furnace was on. It is now May 10th and it is 90 degrees outside, it is hot and humid and the A/C is on. I love the weather here in Minnesota. Tonight's Twins game had a "hail delay" as there were golf ball size hall on the field!! Crazy! I stole this pic from Twitter. I guess some of the Twins players had never seen hail before. Huh?

This past weekend was great. The weather was awesome. Saturday morning I went out for 15+ mile bike ride at 6:30 am. It was such a peaceful ride except in the swampy areas where the frogs were going nuts but that was way cool. I love those early morning rides. After that I had a concert at Grace Church in Eden Prairie. It was the Veteran's Celebration. In the afternoon my mom, Mike and Nancy and I went to the Minnesota Zoo. It was such a nice day. And we got to see some animals get a little action. The grizzly bears were "busy." Click here for the video. Eric was reffing the Eagan Tourney to "make me some money." :-) After that Danielle, Greg, Celeste and Evelyn joined us for dinner (lasagna...my specialty) and than we spent the evening at the hotel swimming. They went home Sunday but Danielle, Eric and I hung out. Danielle and I biked to the tennis courts and played a set. She killed me 5-3 and than it started to rain. Oh well.

Last night was the last class for my degree. Hooray! Today I handed in my final exam and went to graduation practice. I got my garb and hood (even though its the wrong one). I'm ready to go. Woo hoo! That's about it from here. We have a busy weekend planned. We are doing the Midwest circle tour. Friday we are driving down to Independence, Saturday we are going to my friend, Mandi's wedding and than driving to Omaha for Michael's graduation and rounding out the trip with a drive home on Monday. The whirlwind tour. 11 days until graduation!!!

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