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Monday, May 30, 2011

Biloxi, MS
Welcome to the Gulf Coast. It is very nice but you can see Katrina was here. Yikes. Hugh 15 floor hotels sit in shambles, house foundations with the houses wiped out. They have started rebuilding which is good to see but six years later the devastation is still very visible. So yesterday was the busiest day so far. We started at Elvis' Graceland. Interesting but I'm not a big Elvis fan so it wasn't high on my list. The mansion was much slower than I expected. After that we drove to New Orleans. We did a quick walking tour of the French Quarter and than got the heck out of there. I'm no big fan of New Orleans either. We arrived at Biloxi around 8pm and had a bit of problem with the hotel parking, checking in and food. Today was a great day but also sad. Eric and I took the hour ferry to Ship Island. It is a barrier island 11 miles off the coast of Mississippi and is part of the Gulf Shore National Seashore. What a beautiful day! On the island is a Fort Massachusetts. Very interesting. We did some swimming in the warm Gulf waters and relaxed on the beach and fry my legs, feet and head. Ouch! After 4 hours on the beach we took the return ferry and eventually got Eric to the airport for his flight home. :-( I miss him already.

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