Biker 1, Kim 0!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

It was such a busy weekend. On Friday we traveled to Independence for my friend Mandi's wedding. It was very nice but the weather was not. Rain and 40 degrees cold. It is May freaking 14th! We went to the wedding ceremony in Taylor and then the reception was in Arcadia at the same place we had our reception. Being the rude people that we are we ate and literally ran. We had a 7 hour roundtrip to Papillion, NE for Michael's graduation and it was 6pm. It was a good drive. We had some rain to deal with but other than that the ride was uneventful. We pulled into Bonnie and Hiram's house around 1am. I was so ready for bed. I was up at 630 the next day (of course, a day I could sleep in) so I decided to do some rollerblading around the neighborhood. On one of my loops I saw a man looking rather suspiciously inside my car. I had my car keys so I kept hitting the lock button so the horn was going off. It was Hiram. He scared the heck out of me! Anyways the graduation was good, over 400 graduates so a big class. Terry and Judy were there as well as Carrie and her kids. So it was a good time. We came back yesterday. We drove 915 miles in one weekend. Fun Fun!
So the reason for the header...Tonight I decided to enjoy the beautiful weather and go rollerblading by the river. I was on about mile 5 and I was jamming to my tunes and just go along when I hear this yelling from behind. I'm like what the heck. I turned around to see who was yelling at me and it was a biker. I lost control and tried to correct myself, flaying my arms and his bike clipped my hand and I went crashing to the ground. He says he was giving me encouragement!?! Thanks dude! I got up and went another 2 miles and went home to tend to my wounds. My leg is chewed up and my elbow is looking nice and bruised with scratches. Fun! Fun!


Happy Summer! 5 days to graduation!!! Woo Hoo!

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