Sioux Falls Half Marathon

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Half #21, State #16

As I mentioned in the previous post the expo was very boring. They need to get more vendors. But it was quick in and out which some people prefer.

DJ came with us to the start. We started was inside the Danny Sanford Premier Center. That was a bit annoying because there is no way our running watch GPS could connect. Thankfully it was just short jaunt out the big door and on to the street.

Overall it was a very nice run. We went through some parks, include Falls Park. We ran past the Cathedral and the amazing old houses around it. We ran along the Big Sioux River. It was really a pleasant course.

Hills?  Well there was two big hills, but nothing like Dublin! The up hills were followed by really nice downhills. I got a little worried about the one down hill because I knew we had to run back up in during mile 10. But the course is slight different on the way back so we didn’t have to climb that entire downhill. Thank Goodness!

Byron and Rio caught to me around mile 7 or so and they ran/walked with me for a couple miles. It was nice having somebody to chat with. Byron said I was a lot more fun to run alongside than Eric. Eric doesn’t talk, I can’t stop. LOL! Byron left me at the bottom of the up hill.

I saw our friends, Kevin and Jana and their kids around mile 10. They even made us signs! How cute!  And of course DJ was there too. I think she like spectating more than participating. Ha!

The 3 hour pacer annoyed the heck out of me. I finally caught her around mile 5. I ran with her for bit but she stopped on the narrow bridge crossing the falls to take a picture. Really? I had to stop because I couldn’t get around her. I was a little irritated by that. I ran ahead of her but eventually she caught me and then I never saw her again. Eric said she finished 3 minutes early which is a means she is a really bad pacer!

I crossed the finish and was still feeling great. DJ and Kevin and company were there to cheer us on. The after food was good. The tri-tip sandwich was pretty good.

Overall my time was good for me. It was about what I expected. I had some great early miles but later in the race I was starting to get tired. I need to get back into marathon training shape!

Time: 3:07:24

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