Kayaking Down the River

Thursday, September 20, 2018

We spent one of the few weekends that we were home to go kayaking. We have been wanting to go down the Blue Earth River all summer, but we didn’t have the 2-3 hours it required so finally we go out on the river. It was a very fun float. DJ joined us too. It was a pretty hot day so the cool water felt good. I spend the last half going along the shore line where there was shade because I could tell I was getting burned…even though I wore sunscreen!

It seemed like there were a lot more rapids this time. We had a lot of rain recently so I’m sure that is why. The last time we did this we had to avoid a lot of rocks, this time we just went over them. It was a lot more fun this time.

We saw some eagles and other random birds but the best was the blue heron that was just perched on rock looking at us and as we went past he took off. So amazing!

It took us just under 2:30 for the 9 mile run.

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