Family, Friends, Soccer Games and a Half

Monday, September 10, 2018

We spend the beautiful weekend in Sioux Falls.  We meet up with some friends and family and of course ran a race.

We started our trip down to Sioux Falls after work on Friday. We picked up DJ on our way, getting into Byron’s house at around 9:30. Theo, the baby, was still up! It was his 7th month birthday.

Saturday morning, we meet Eric’s childhood friend, Kevin at his kid’s soccer game. Kevin is the coach, so we didn’t talk to him until after the game but we sat by his wife Jana and other son Isaac. Isaac was getting bored with the game, so Eric kicked the ball around with him. After the game we went to Fuddruckers for lunch and went to Isaac’s game afterwards. That was a hoot!  It was 4 on 4 on a very small field (5-6 year olds). There was a lot of hugging on the field. Little boys are so funny! Haha. Isaac has been watching too much World Cup because he tripped and fell and immediately got up and said “Come on, he pushed me” with his hands held out. Just like the pros. The thing is there is no refs on these games and no fouls. Haha! After he scored a goal he did the running slide on his knees…just like the pros. It was hilarious.

After that we went back to Byron’s and the entire family went to the Expo to pick up our packets for the race. It was a very sad expo. Hardly any exhibitors. :( We got our stuff and started to head out the door when we saw the 605 Running Company contest. You get your picture taken with a dry erase board with your estimated finish time. Whoever is closes wins a pair of shoes.  I wrote down 3:07:25. I had predicted a 3:07 finish anyways which is 10 minutes or faster than my other halves this year (except for my amazing first half at Grandma’s Marathon).  I will write a separate blog on the race, but my finish time was 3:07:24…I was one second off. I’m still waiting to see if I won. Fingers crossed nobody got right on the nose.

We went to Red Rossa pizza for dinner. I love traditional thin crust, wood oven Italian pizza. We did some grocery shopping for the race and spend the rest of the night hanging out at the house.

Sunday was another early morning. The race started at 7. DJ was nice enough to come with us. We started in the Denny Sanford Premier center. That was nice since it was kind of cold outside. The race was ok for me, not my best but hopefully I got the shoes mentioned above. Eric had a pretty good race, almost beat 2:30.

Kevin, Jana and the boys meet us at mile 9 and then saw us at the finish line. Adam was really interested in running and races now. He wants to go watch us at all our races. Haha.

We went to Perkins for a late breakfast…oddly enough, I was craving pancakes!

After breakfast we went back to Byron’s to watch the Vikings game and eat some nachos. It was good. We stuck around until 6pm because Eric’s brother Chris was driving through on his way home to Omaha. He and his daughter, Banyan were in Rapid City for the weekend.

It was a long ride home, we didn’t get in until after 10pm. I’m exhausted today! Ha!

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