Lift Bridge 10K

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Amazing race for me!

Just before I figured out an amazing feature on my watch called the Run/Walk Alert. I could set it to alert me every 1:00 or 0:30 to run/walk. I love this feature. In the past I only knew how to set up intervals so when I got my results it wasn’t by mile but buy that interval which made it very difficult to see my per mile pace. It was very frustrating so I started just doing the run/walk intervals by feel and by constantly looking at my watch. I was never consistent. Well this feature makes me more consistent. I’m so happy!

This course is very favorable for me, it was almost entirely downhill or flat, very few uphills. This first mile was mostly downhill and my time came in at 12:41. That was a great mile for me. I was a bit concerned I started to fast and I was going to crash and burn before the finish. But I kept going with the same 1:00/:30 split. Mile 2 had a long downhill which help to keep mile 2 under 13 minutes at 12:52. I got a bit worried as I was running faster than I was for Torchlight 5K which was just 3 days before. And during that race I died during mile 3. Well the downhill continued on mile 3 and I finished with a 12:48 mile. I wasn’t sure what was going on with me. Why was I doing so well?  My 5K time was very similar to my time at Torchlight. But I wasn’t ready to die like I was after Torchlight.

Mile 4 was had a 72-foot downhill and again I was under 13 minutes at 12:49. At this point I was completely amazed at what I was doing. I wasn’t sure if my watch was working right but I kept hitting the mile markers at the same time as my watch so it must be right. I know the downhill course helped but this is 4 miles in a row that was under 13. I thought for sure this was my last fast mile. But I was wrong!  Mile 5 was my fastest mile, I was helped by a 118-foot downhill!  It was 12:37. Once I saw that, I changed my focus. I was going to make sure all miles were under 13 minutes. I struggled a bit during mile 6 but I was insistent that I was going to do this and boom, I had a 12:42 mile. I was so overjoyed by this but I really gave it my all during that mile so the last quarter of a mile to the finish was a struggle. I walked quite a bit which is silly because this is usually when I push the pace. I saw the corner that I had to turn to get to the finish and ran as hard as I could. I got the finish line and my time was 1:19:30. Obviously not my best 10K time but I had such an amazing race considering my running pace lately. I’m still in shock.


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