40 races for 40 years – Update #1

Monday, April 24, 2017

Well it has been a little over a month since I decided to run 40 races this year to celebrate my 40th birthday. And I’ve been busy! Since my marathon, I have ran 5 races. Granted most of them have been 5K, but they are still races!

Good thing my birthday is in late December so it makes it easy to count up my races. So far I have ran 9 races and have 31 to go. I have registered for 18, I registered for another one this morning! That makes 13 more I need to figure out.  I have a list of 16 potential races to choose from for those last 13 races. I can do this! 

There are 247 days left in my challenge. That equals a race every 7 days…every weekend. I have some back-to-back weekends so I won’t have a race EVERY weekend.  Here is what I have booked:

4/30/2017            Oshkosh Half Marathon
5/7/2017              Eau Claire Marathon 5K
5/11/2017            Medtronic TC 1 Mile
5/28/2017            Brussels 20KM
6/3/2017              Lola's Lake Waconia 5K
6/11/2017            Bubble Run
6/17/2017            Rock N' Roll Seattle 5K
6/18/2017            Rock N' Roll Seattle Half Marathon
7/4/2017              Red, White and Boom 5K
7/16/2017            Rock N' Roll Chicago Half Marathon
7/19/2017            Torchlight 5K
8/12/2017            Gopher to Badger Half Marathon
10/1/2017           TC 10 Mile
10/22/2017         Mankato Half Marathon
10/28/2017         Minneapolis Halloween 5K
11/12/2017         Madison Half Marathon
11/23/2017         Turkey Trot 6K
12/9/2017           Reindeer Run 5K

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