LBJ NHS & Pedernales Falls State Park

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Our last day of our Texas vacation was a drive out to LBJ’s ranch. It was a lot of driving. We got to see a living history farm where they stay true to the ways of life in 1915. We got to see some longhorns, chickens, a turkey and some goats. We toured the old farm houses.

We drove around the LBJ ranch and saw the Texas White House. We didn’t actually go inside. We stopped at a small café in Johnson City on our way to Pedernales Falls. The food was surprisingly good.

To view the Pedernales Falls was a bit of a walk, it was tough on mom. I actually hiked down the water. It was so hot outside I wanted to jump in. There were some people in it even though swimming wasn’t allowed in this section. I can see why when the water is hit but it was very low when we stopped.

Overall we had a very nice trip to visit Nancy and Greg in Texas.

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