April 2016 Recap

Saturday, April 30, 2016

Runs: 15
Walks: 18
Miles: 82
Races: 2 (Goldy's 5K, Hot Chocolate 15K)
Outdoors: 31
Indoors: 2
Longest: 9.42 miles
Average Running Pace: 12:40
Bike: 59.2 miles
Swim: 1,200 yards

April was full of highs and lows. The weather was WINDY! Rarely was there a day that didn’t have at least a 10+ mph wind. Most days it was more like 15-30 mph. The last day of the month I did a 5 mile run and the wind was strong from the ENE so I made Eric drive me to Wal-Mart so I could run with the wind to my back the whole way. I was sick of running into the wind, I wanted my last run of the month to be “easy.”

My pace improved slightly which is amazing since the Hot Chocolate 15K was a complete disaster and my overall pace was 13:28.  I was hoping for an awesome time. And the first 6 miles were great but it got really hot (78 degrees) and I wasn’t prepared for that. Oh and I pulled something in my calf around mile 4.5. I mostly walked the last two miles of the race. It was a huge disappointment but I understand it just wasn’t my day.

A week early it was my day. I had my best 5K in almost a year at Goldy’s Run. I had an incredible time, my overall time was 34:35 for an 11:03 pace. I still don’t believe I did that. Where did that come from? It was only 21 degrees at start time which probably helped. Did you get that? Just one week later the Hot Chocolate 15K was over 50 degree warmer. No wonder I struggled at that race!

I’m looking forward to May. There are four races, Eau Claire 5K, Run & Ride 5K, Run & Ride 10K and the Esprit de She Triathlon. I have start seriously training for the bike portion of the triathlon. I didn’t swim much in April. The pool was closed for spring break and I did a lot more biking. The swim doesn’t scare me, the biking does…13 miles of hills. Eric and I drove the course earlier this month. Yikes…Hills!! I biked almost 60 miles in April. Some of those were slow rides, supporting Eric while he trains for the full marathon. Others were solid training rides. A couple weeks ago I did 16.5 hard miles of hills. Some of the climbs were 100 feet. I felt good on that ride, hopefully that carries over into the triathlon.

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