Alec's First Communion

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

After our 15K race on Saturday (and a brief stop at home to ice my leg, shower and pack) we had to drive down to Rochester for the weekend. It was Mike’s girlfriend, Linda’s son, Alec’s First Communion. Lots of possessives in that sentence. LOL!

We had dinner Saturday night at this Chinese buffet. Afterwards, I should have picked pizza. Oh well. We spent some time in the Hotel’s hot tub and I eventually braved the frigid pool. After I got used to it, it actually felt pretty good. My leg didn’t hurt much by this point so I was very happy. I had a restless night, walking up every hour. I’m not sure why. I didn’t have any pain and the bed was very comfy. It must be a different bed? I meet mom downstairs for breakfast. Of course she was up at 5:30am and got dress and hung out on the couches in the lobby.

The Mass was very long. The priest was very boring. Alec is easy to see as he is the only kid wearing a peach pink shirt. Lol. He definitely stood out. After Mass, we went to Pannekoeken for lunch. Mom and I shared a very thick burger. It was very good and the waffle fries were great. There was some cake after that. It was a good time.

Eric and I made our way home, taking a detour to Lakeville to check out my biking course for my triathlon in May (I’m in trouble!). We picked up some groceries (mostly fruits and vegetables!) and got home and crashed on the couch.

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