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Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Wow it has been a while since I last wrote. What can I say??? It has been busy.

New Job
I started a new job on January 4th which also means I got a nice raise. Well, actually I started a new job and kept most of my old job. They are not replacing me. I’m taking over for my coworker (and Twins Season tickets partner), Alice. After 46 years she is retiring June 1st. I’m so grateful I have her to train me for another 5 months. Her work is very different from my work and she is also busy on different days than me. There are a few days that overlap but I’ll just have to manage it somehow!

I think I have mentioned before that my niece, Danielle, is kind of a clone of me. We have moles in the same spots, birth marks in the same spot and a large scare in the same spot. We had this habit of showing up to events with the same color on…it is really strange. Anyways, Danielle started a new job too and the similarities are crazy.  She is working at AMPI, my company’s ticker is AMP. She is replacing somebody who has been there for…get this 46 years…just like Alice. She was supposed to start on January 4th too but because of her vacation it was postponed a week. Isn’t that crazy?

Tri Training
Since I have officially signed up for a triathlon in May so I’ve been training on all three sports. Since the first of the year I have ran over 30 miles, biked over 20 miles and swam over a mile. It has been a bit cold lately so I’ve been running inside a lot. Eric set up my bike trainer which is awesome. I can’t bike for more than 15-20 minutes before I get a bit crazy. Usually I bike a bunch of small bits throughout a “biking” night. Even with being able to watch TV, I can’t handle being on it for very long. Hopefully I will get better at handling the boredom. On the swimming front, Eric bought me a waterproof iPod and I love it. My swimming time flies by and I don’t want to stop when I get to my goal for the day.

This past weekend we went down to Rochester for the weekend to celebrate Mike and his friend, Linda’s birthdays. Saturday night we went to Whiskey Creek for dinner, had some fun by the pool and played some dice. Sunday morning we went to Pannekoeken for breakfast. Pannekoeken is Dutch pancakes. I had the apple cinnamon one. It was so good. It was similar to bread pudding. After breakfast we went to play some laser tag and Eric and Alec (Linda’s son) played arcade games. It was a fun weekend.

So that wraps up the last two weeks. A lot of work, a lot of training and some fun.

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