Polar Dash 5K

Saturday, January 2, 2016

Frustrating, that is all I can say about this race. Temperature was fine. It wasn’t below zero like 2 years ago. They changed location and I don’t like the change. The race was packed on very narrow paths in the beginning. We got behind a lot of walkers and the walkers on this particular day were terrible. They wouldn’t get out of the way. I’m all for supporting people who walk but don’t stand 6 across chatting, let people pass!  The course was flat and boring and parts were in the shade which made it a bit cold. There was a long out-and-back section that didn’t help matters. I couldn’t pass people as there were people coming at me. Whenever I got a chance to pass, I zoomed past the walkers.  Part of the course was a bit sloppy and people screeched to a halt so they could pussy foot around the mud and puddles. Seriously people, just go! I was so frustrated that I gave up during mile 3 and just walked. I was so furious! I managed to “sprint to the finish” and came in just 30 seconds faster than 2 years ago…a pitiful 41:32. Horrible, horrible! I’m not sure if I will do Polar Dash again. I guess we will see.

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