January 2016 Recap

Sunday, January 31, 2016

Runs: 14
Walks: 13
Miles: 50
Races: 1 (Polar Dash 5K)
Outdoors: 17
Indoors: 10
Longest: 6 miles
Average Running Pace: 12:52

My first thought was, 2016 started out terrible. Funny thing is I wrote the exact same thing last January! Ha! But unlike last January, I didn’t wait 9 days to get off the couch! I started on day one with the Polar Dash. It was a disaster. Worst. Run. Ever! (Well in the last 2 years.) I’m not sure if it is the recovery from my last awesome half marathon didn’t go so well or what. But it was just bad. I bounced back the next day and did a short run but managed to get my pace back to an acceptable time. But the next twos run after that were disappointing. Then something incredible happened…I found my speed again. The next 9 runs of the month were great. My overall pace was around 12:30 which isn’t my fastest but was pretty good considering. I worked in a couple speed workouts and I finished the month with a nice 5 mile run. Compared to last January, I had the same amount of runs but I went 15 miles further. I call that a win. Also I did a lot more swimming and biking that I didn’t do last January. So I was a lot more physically active.

Surprisingly the weather in January wasn’t bad. There was only 6 days that the high temperature was below 10 degrees. That is incredible. The last day of the month was 42 degrees. I ran in long sleeves and was dying. I should have had a t-shirt…in January…that is crazy! I only ran inside 5 times.

My goal for February is 50 miles again. We have an extra day this year…yay for leap year!

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