La Jolla Beach Sunset

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

After running the half marathon, we jumped into the hotel hot tub. It was outside so it was bit cold but the water was HOT it felt great. The pool area was very nice and had a lot of these Bird of Paradise flowers:

We took quick showers and grab some food. After eating I was exhausted and took a nap. We agreed that we would go mini golf at 3pm. So I my sore butt out of bed and we headed to play mini golf. This was our ride for the weekend:

We really didn't want the convertible but after waiting 45 minutes for our bags at LAX, 20 minutes for a shuttle bus to the car rental place and 2 hours(!!)  (only to be told our car wasn't ready and didn't know when it will be ready) we settled for this. It cost us $60 more but I wanted out of LA!

We finished the evening at La Jolla Beach for the sunset. It was amazing. 

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