Why Tulsa?

Saturday, November 21, 2015

So why did I pick Tulsa for my first half? Good question. Actually my first half was supposed to be in San Diego on my birthday this year. I had been training for a December half marathon. So what happen?

Well funny story...
It all started months ago when I found the Williams Route 66 Marathon. See this half marathon/marathon is technically called that. I told my sister-in-law DJ that we had to run this marathon in the future because it has our name in it and everything. And the time limit is 7.5 hours. So we said that in the future we would do this race.

A Month Ago...
So a month ago we were running the MCM 10K in Washington, D.C. And Eric's brother Phil was running the full marathon. We had dinner together the night before and I mentioned to Phil about our plan. His response was "Tulsa, who wants to run in Oklahoma? It is flat and windy." So I thought to myself poo poo you Phil.

2 days later...
So 2 days later I get a message from Phil, "Hey the Williams Route 66 marathon is in three weeks. I think we should all run it! It has our name and everything. How did we not know about this one???" So after some quick planning here we are. In 24 hours I will be (hopefully) at mile 10 on my way to finishing my first half marathon. Fingers crossed.

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