October 2015 Recap

Saturday, October 31, 2015

Runs: 16
Walks: 19
Miles: 75.5
Races: 7 (TC 10K, TC 5K, Night Nation 5K, Mankato 5K, Mankato 10K, Marine Corps Marathon 10K and Terror Trot 5K)
Outdoors: 32
Indoors: 3
Longest: 6.3 miles (but I ran back to back 10K & 5K)
Average Running Pace: 12:28

October was a busy running month with 7 races, half of which were 10Ks. I have decided I like the 10K distance. As always I love the Mankato 10K. The TC 10K wasn’t bad either. I ran that pretty fast at 1:15. The MCM 10K was my slowest but it was a nice run in our Nation’s capital.

October had some awesome weather. Most of the races had beautiful weather. The Night Nation Run which obviously was at night was 66 degrees at start time. Crazy warm for October. The MCM 10K rained the whole time but thankfully not a soaking rain.

October was a bit faster than September so that was nice to see but it was slower than last year and earlier this year. I’m not really sure why I’ve lost so much speed.  It is very frustrating but I’m moving on, I have a lot of longer races coming up that I need to prepare for and I can’t stress over speed. As long as my 10K stays in the 1:15-1:20 range I’m not going to stress.

There are 3 races in November. The 15K in Chicago on Novermber 8th, the Williams Route 66 ½ marathon in Tulsa (yes I’m running a half in less than three weeks) and Turkey Trot 5K in Omaha.

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